Whitehaven News


WORK on making safe Windscale's Pile One has suffered a setback that will delay the work for three years.

Pile One was the scene of the notorious 1957 plutonium fire that spewed radioactive contamination across North of England.

The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate states in its latest newsletter that "UKAEA has informed us of problems with the chosen decommissioning method for Windscale Pile 1 and that it intends to carry out a full review of the available options.'' This is expected to delay dismantling work by three years.

Melted nuclear fuel elements still remain in parts of the reactor that was the heart of the disaster. But UKAEA spokesman Andy Munn said: "It was in July that we identified the fact that plans by BNFL-Rolls Royce and Nukem for the decommissioning were not robust enough.

They are to re-present new proposals later this year . The issue has no effect on safety and the safety of the pile is not in doubt.''