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AmeriScan: August 21, 2000


BRATTLEBORO, Vermont, August 21, 2000 (ENS) - Nuclear activists are holding a march and rally today in Brattleboro to protest the planned sale of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to the multinational conglomerate Exelon, the parent company of proposed plant purchasers AmerGen. Citizens Awareness Network (CAN), Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) and participants in the Nuclear Free Northeast Action Camp plan to attend the protest. Marchers planned to carry puppets and props, including coffins and tombstones to be presented to company officials as a symbol of the consequences of continued operation of the aging nuclear reactor.

Numerous environmental groups and the state of Vermont have challenged the proposed sale. CAN and NIRS propose that more jobs could be saved if the corporation closed the reactor and began decommissioning. More workers could be employed cleaning the site than can be expected to remain under AmerGen's cost cutting practices, the groups charge. "Vermont Yankee should act responsibly and clean up the mess they've made," said Deb Katz of CAN. "They can't bring back the lives of people who have suffered from radiation, but they could choose to end the cycle of contamination and sacrifice now." The march was slated to begin at the Brattleboro Commons at 8 am, and proceed to the corporate offices of Vermont Yankee, where it was expected to arrive around 10 am.

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