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Executive Director

July 5, 2000

Mr. Alan Benson, Director
Institutional Affairs
U.S. Department of Energy
Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office
P.O. Box 30307
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89036-0307

Dear Mr. Benson:

Thank you for your June 12th letter regarding the DOE/AUG meeting scheduled for August 3rd. In response to your request for suggested agenda items, I am providing the following:

  1. DOE should provide an update on plans and schedules for the final Yucca Mountain EIS, including what new work, if any, is being undertaken as a result of comments received on the draft EIS; whether DOE plans substantive and/or major changes to the final EIS; whether consideration is being given to the re-issuance of a substantially revised draft EIS or a draft programmatic EIS as recommended by the State of Nevada; what approaches are being considered/implemented to address transportation issues raised with respect to the draft EIS; and the current schedule for release of the final EIS and the record of decision.

  2. DOE should discuss the schedule for the site recommendation decision, including what plans there are for incorporating adequate time for obtaining and responding to the State of Nevada's comments on the Site Recommendation Report, as required by the NWPA, as amended (as opposed to the Site Recommendation Considerations Report, which has no statutory basis).

  3. DOE should discuss how it proposes to incorporate findings from ongoing technical studies (especially the Cal Tech GPS work, the joint DOE - State - UNLV study on fluid inclusions, and research on the waste package) into the Site Recommendation Report when the cut off date for new data has already passed. Is DOE prepared to modify the site recommendation schedule to assure that findings on these key suitability studies is included in the SRR?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Robert R. Loux
Executive Director

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