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31 May 2000

A new booklet, titled "Criticality accident at Tokai-mura: 1mg of
uranium that shattered Japan's nuclear myth", has just been released
by the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, Tokyo.

The 80-paged handy booklet, written in English, is a concise and
overall accont of the September 1999 criticality accident that bursted
at a uranium processing plant in Tokai-mura, or "Mecca of Japan's
atomic energy". The accident claimed the lives of two plant workers,
and approximately 500 people got significant amounts of neutron/gamma

This booklet not only analyses the specific process of the accident,
but critically illustrates the background nature of the Japanese
nuclear industry as well.

In the concluding section, Dr Jinzaburo Takagi, the main author of the
booklet, points out the chilly fact that the "aggressive promotion of
nuclear energy [in Japan] is not backed up by real confidence in
nuclear power on the part of the promoters."

The work also reveals how the pro-nuclear authorities tried to
discount radiation dose estimations. Dr Takagi explains about the
variable factors which must be taken into account in dose estimations,
and concludes that it "is hard not to believe that [the official
figures of] the exposure dose was attained by using the method which
provided the lowest estimate."

The booklet is priced 700 yen (around US$6.50), but readers must
contact the publisher to get an exact dollar price including handling
and postage.

Inquiries and request for copies should be addressed to CNIC at


Also visit their website at


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