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29 April 2000

It was reported by Sumitomo Metal company to STA (Science and Technology Age
ncy of the Japanese governement) that the company's steel mill in Wakayama,
south of Osaka, Japan, had received an container apparently containing radco
ntaminated substances.

Abnormal level of radiation was detected at a checkpoint in the mill yesterd
ay (28 April 2000). Dose rate at the surface of the container is, according
to the Asahi Newspaper report,  as high as 81 microSv/h (75 gamma + 6 neutron).

The container in question carries waste stainless (iron/nickel) imported fro
m a food utencil manufacturerer in manila, Philippines.

STA will investigate the case.

sources: Jiji News 28 April; Mainichi 28 April; Asahi 29 April 2000

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