Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Update on Deadline for Yucca Mountain Siting Guidelines Comments (10CFR963)

Although the comment deadline for the proposed rule change 10 CFR 963 has NOT been extended, the DOE has indicated to the State of Nevada that they will accept comments for a few more days because the incorrect address was listed in the Federal Register Notice that requested comments on the proposed rule.

SO, if you have commented and sent your comments to the FRN address,
please resend them to:
Dr. William Boyle
Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office
PO Box 30307
North Las Vegas, NV 89036-0307

Or FAX them to 1-800-967-0739

Or submit them online at www.ymp.gov

If you haven't yet commented, and you would still like to, there are a few days left. The DOE has indicated that even if your comments did not originally go to the wrong address, they will accept them for a few more days.

You can view the proposed rule and all of the other relevant documents at: www.ymp.gov

Brief Summary: The proposed rule basically eliminates "individual disqualifiers" from the Yucca Mountain Siting Guidelines. This means that there is no specific thing which would cause the DOE to say that Yucca Mountain is not suitable as a repository. This elimination of individual disqualifiers violates the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, which calls for specific "factors that qualify or disqualify any site from development as a repository, including factors pertaining to the location of valuable natural resources, hydrology, geophysics, seismic activity, *" This proposal is simply an attempt by DOE to change the rules so that they can make Yucca Mountain suitable no matter what.

You can view Public Citizen's comments on 10 CFR 963 at
www.citizen.org/cmep (click on Nuclear Waste).

Amy Shollenberger
Senior Policy Analyst
Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project
202-454-5118 (voice)
202-547-7392 (fax)