Ponderosa Dairy

P.O. Box 70
Amargosa Valley, NV 89020

Senators Richard Bryan and Harry Reid

February 9, 2000

Dear Sirs;

As manager of the Ponderosa Dairy in Amargosa Valley, I wish to voice my grave concern about sharing the groundwater in our area with the proposed nuclear waste repository site at Yucca Mountain, on the northern boundary of our valley, less than 20 miles from our dairy. Amargosa Valley is home to 5,000 cows, which produce 20 percent of Nevada's milk. We ship out 128 million pounds of milk annually to some 30 million people throughout the West Coast, particularly in California. We have invested more than $1 million into producing and marketing organic milk. Who will to drink organic milk produced next to the largest nuclear waste dump in the world?

I understand that proponents of S.1287 have said that the groundwater in the area around Yucca Mountain is already contaminated and is not used for any other beneficial activity. This is absolutely not true! Just ask our alfalfa farmers, pistachio farmers, specialty crop growers, who along with some 1,300 residents depend on the quality of our water. I urge you and your senate colleagues to do everything in your power to protect the aquifer and groundwater in the Yucca Mountain region.


Ed Geodhart
Business Manager