Report to the Congress from the Presidential Commission on Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents




  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

CHAPTER I Background, Assumptions and Observations

  • Background
  • Commission Assumptions
    • Size of nuclear incident involved
    • Source of funds
    • Claim-handling activities
  • Observations
  • Contents of the Report

CHAPTER 2 Procedure for the Resolution of Price-Anderson Claims

  • Summary and Recommended Plan
    Phase One
    • Jurisdiction; Applicable Law
    • Initial Responsibilities
    Phase Two
    • Generic Determinations
    • Reconsideration
    Phase Three
    • Informal Proceedings
    • Formal Proceedings
  • Justification, Alternatives, and Assumptions
    • Procedural Mechanism: Administrative or Judicial?
    • Structural Recommendations
    Phase One
    • Jurisdiction; Applicable Law
    • Interim Responsibilities
    Phase Two
    • Generic Determinations
    • Reconsideration
    Phase Three
    • Structure of Informal Proceedings
    • Formal Proceedings
    • Disincentives
  • Implementation Under Existing Law
    Phase One
    • Jurisdiction; Applicable Law
    • Interim Responsibilities
    Phase Two
    • A. Generic Determinations
    • B. Reconsideration
    Phase Three
    • Use of Informal Procedures
    • Authority of Masters
    • Formal Proceedings
    • Disincentives

CHAPTER 3 Claim Priority

  • Goals of the Claim Priority-Plan
  • Summary of Recommendations
  • Discussion
    • Pecuniary Losses Caused by a Nuclear Accident or Evacuation
    • Claims of Nonpecuniary Loss
    • Latent Illnesses
    • Legal Costs
    • Payments from Collateral Sources
    • Punitive Damages
  • Claim Ordering and Related Administrative Issues
    • Ordering Claims
    • Form and Extent of Payment
  • Claim Priority Under the Existing Act
    • Claim Priority

CHAPTER 4 Standards and Procedures for Latent Illnesses

  • Introduction
  • Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Radiation Exposure and Latent Health Effects
  • Legal Problems
    • In General
    • The Causation-in-Fact Issue and Proposed Solutions
    • Alternative Approaches Considered
    • Solutions to the Causation Problem Adopted Elsewhere III
  • Recommended Approach for Dealing with Latent Health Effects Claims
    • Key Elements of the Proposed Process
    • Types of Claims
    • Proposed Procedure


    Appendix A   Glossary

    Appendix B   The Nature of Severe Nuclear Accidents

    Appendix C   The Provisions of the Act Pertaining to Latent Illness Claims

    Appendix D   Latent Illness Claims Under Present Law

    Appendix E   Atomic Veterans Legislation

    Appendix F   Ontario Workers' Compensation Law

    Appendix G   BNFL/UKAEA Agreement with Unions

    Appendix H   Probability of Causation Recommendation: Detailed Discussion and Examples

    Appendix I   Bibliography

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