Pahrump Valley Times

July 2,1999

YMP EIS available later this month

Copies of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository project will be available upon request in late July. The statement will give the details of the department's plans for the construction of a high-level radioactive waste facility at Yucca Mountain.

Included in the EIS document are rail, highway, and mixed transportation alternatives to transport waste from power plants and defense facilities to the proposed Yucca Mountain site, 20 miles east of Beatty. A number of possible rail routes pass through portions of Nye County.

According to a statement from Las Bradshaw of Nye County's Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office, "It's really important for residents of Nye County to sign up now to receive the draft EIS promptly, because the DOE is only allowing a 90-day comment period. This action (at the proposed site) could cause tremendous changes In Nye County."

Citizens are encouraged to submit comments upon reviewing the document Bradshaw emphasizes, "It is essential that the federal government hears our views on this project.

To receive a copy or a summary or the EIS document, call Nye County's oversight office at 727-7727. The County will forward requests to the DOE. The office also plans to place copies of the EIS in all county libraries to facilitate the public's access to the Information.

The document is also available direct from DOE on CD-ROM or from the DOE website ( The Department of Energy can also be contacted on its toll free information line at 800-987-3477.