Pahrump Valley Times


PETT deal may he OK'd Monday


With much of the work during Monday's meeting at Tonopah dealing with the budget and spending plans, it's only appropriate the county commissioners will more than likely approve the latest, very hefty Payments Equal to Taxes agreement with the Dept. of Energy.

Final figures will be explained in detail Monday, but the offer on the table will be in the vicinity of $40 million over four years with the first payment due in January. PETT is compensation to the county for being the only site studied for the permanent storage of tons of high-level waste at the Nevada Test Site is approved by Congress, Nye will immediately receive another $5 million.

Getting money, through, will be just a small part of Monday's overall agenda. The meeting begins at 8:30 a.m., and tentative budget approvals for the Beatty Town Advisory Board, Beatty General Improvement District, Amargosa Valley Advisory Board, Manhattan Advisory Board, and the Nye County Hospital District; start at 10:30 am.

The commissioners are also expected to transfer funds from one budget to another to assure that none are operating in the red at the conclusion of the fiscal year on June 30.

Other agenda items of note;

  • The appointment of two members of the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission,
  • More change orders for the Beatty Justice Center and the Nye County Government Complex, Pahrump are likely to be approved. Furnishings for the facilities will also be discussed.
  • The commissioners are also expected to endorse a wild horse management plan put together by the Western Shoshone tribe.
  • McRae's proposal to hold a lottery to determine which six half-mile strips of road will be paved is also on the agenda. Roads eligible for the drawing will have to meet certain criteria, such as having half the frontage lots developed, McRae estimated dozens of roads in Pahrump would qualify.

    McRae had hoped $400,000, what was left over from the early PETT payment of $ 1.5 million, could be set aside for the work in Pahrump.