The Oak Ridger

Oak Ridger: Letter to the Editor

Saturday, November 21, 1998

Dear ORer Editor,

I have read recently where Oak Ridge has become concerned over its hazardous image and now laughably taken to blame news reporting of sick persons as a fabricated nuke scare. Somehow Oak Ridge PR spin masters keep forgetting the entire area is a superfund site and billions are being spent to clean up the toxic pollution because of the health threats. They also forget to notice the extremely toxic air and water releases from these plants and that these do have health impacts on workers and residents and this is evident to even the most toxically challenged learner.

In a recent conversation with a health professional discussing the issues of sick persons and plant managers; the topic of sociopathic management was mentioned. The definition -"Sociopath-A type of personality disorder marked by failure to adapt to prevailing ethical and social standards and by lack of social responsability" does fit what is happening in Oak Ridge and its PR spin tactics to deny obvious realities. The follow on question may become when does the sociopathic management in Oak Ridge cross into the realm of criminal social extremes. Oak Ridge managers pretend to be excessively dumb on a number of very well known health effects, with an intentionally imposed myopathy with criminal under tone.

For some time now Oak Ridge science has known the issues of animal vaccines used on man from the U.S. to Africa and that these killed viral vaccines introduced many animal protein, DNA, RNA fragments into man and includes those of the HIV. Oak Ridge also has known for some time the issues of heavy metals and many nuclear isotopes may first affect the nervious system, but they go on to do long term damage to bone marrow stem cells, white cell--antibody production, and T-cell production in the human body. This second effect is where the sociapathic myopathy in Oak Ridge begins and passively assaults millions of sick. Oak Ridge also knows that the toxic damage to the immune system results in the immune protection systems allowing virals of all sorts to take control of the body due to toxic metals and free radical damages of bone based immune cells. All these issues Oak Ridge science has known and consistently failed to publically report in ways protective of the workers, the public, and their own families in many cases. Is sociopathic nuclear management to blame for a broad based cancer, HIV, CFS, GWS health plagues well connected in national security?

When Oak Ridge wants to clear up its sociopathic management style and do the right things on research, emission regulation, health care, full diagnosis, insurance coverage, and effective treatments may be when the hazardous image Oak Ridge has acquired becomes less noticable. Muddy water journalism and denials from a former Regan White House involved in the HIV bullet dodge and a spin operator like Fumento and his article just fan the flames to debunk nothing. Fumento does not have the scientific ability to connect ozone issues with EMF radical effects in the body and the similarity of this to internal radiation effects and free radical effects on the immune system. Fumento's health effects illiteracy is what Oak Ridge has passed out as yet one more myopic plan and failed sociopathic effort to debunk real truths. Is this a criminal excess steming from the social extremism? All the PR Oak Ridge can find won't change simple truths------only the truth with fully honest actions will fix the real problems.

The Fumento article only shows the weaknesses of the Oak Ridge sociopathic position and its despiration; all this as the truth of the health problems become evident to all does not speak well for Oak Ridge. The ineffectual nature of such misleading PR based journalism is laughable----the many sick persons this offended and assalted is not.

Jim Phelps