Mevada Appeal

Governor and congressional delegation urge lawmakers to fund nuclear agency

June 17, 1998

Gov. Bob Miller and all four Nevada congressional representatives have called on the Nevada Legislature to fund the Agency for Nuclear Projects.

That agency will be before the Interim Finance Committee June 25 asking for funds to keep the office in business. That funding was made necessary after federal auditors pulled back $681,000 in federal funding saying Nevada illegally spent that much on out-of-state lobbying against the Yucca Mountain storage dump project.

"The bipartisan support of the Nevada congressional delegation in Washington shows how important this issue is to Nevada," said Miller. "Congress and the nuclear industry are determined to place the nation's nuclear garbage in Nevada despite any scientific evidence that Yucca Mountain is unsuitable for the project. Now Nevada's only line of defense against this action - the limited oversight funding provided through the Nuclear Waste Policy Act - is being restricted unfairly."

In a joint statement, both Nevada Senators and both members of the House described the freeze on oversight funds as "a blatant attempt to silence the state of Nevada's oversight entity."

It was signed by Sens. Harry Reid and Richard Bryan, both D-Nev., and Reps. John Ensign and Jim Gibbons, both R-Nev. The Nuclear Projects Agency is disputing the federal auditors' conclusions and trying to unfreeze the money

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