Wednesday, March 18, 1998
Carson City, Nevada

Keep the Nuclear Trucks Out

A recent discussion with the Lyon County Public Lands Planning Commission revealed anew the problems of creating a single nuclear waste storage facility in Nevada.

Bob Loux, Nevada's Nuclear Waste Project Director, laid it out clearly when he said that there are 34 states with nuclear power plants. None is in Nevada.

Current studies of the Yucca Mountain proposed storage facility for high-level nuclear waste have been going on for years. There is still no conclusion as to whether the site will be suitable. The Department of Energy (DOE) has not been able to show it as a good or bad location. The site must be approved "safe" for 10,000 years-plus.

DOE officials are requesting that the site's safety requirements be waived until it has been in operation.

With no rail access to the more than 75 power plant sites, and no access to Yucca Mountain by rail, hauling the waste materials on the highways is the proposed route. All travel routes lead through Nevada's populated areas. Plans are already laid out to ship low-level nuclear material through Northern Nevada this summer.

Nevada's senators both have been ardently against transportation on the Nevada highways, against the transfer of nuclear waste in Nevada, or the storage of nuclear waste in Nevada.

We agree with Mr. Loux, get the politics out of nuclear waste storage and put it into the realm of common physics, Study the geology in all areas, The containers currently holding nuclear waste are expected to be sage for at least 100 to 150 years.

Keep those trucks at the state's border for now and allow the studies to proceed until a safe method of disposal of storage can be found. Don;t let political pressure from nuclear waste producers and politicians make a decision that will be nullified too quickly.