Nuclear official to speak at Dayton meeting

Appeal Staff Writer
Carson City, Nevada
Monday, March 09, 1998

DAYTON Bob Loux, head of the Nevada Nuclear Projects Agency, will talk about nuclear waste disposal, storage and transportation at a special meeting Tuesday night. He will give an update on the status of the Nevada nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain and discuss possibility of having high-level nuclear waste transported through Northern Nevada.

The discussion will be part of the Lyon County Public Lands Planning Commission, which meets at 7 p.m. in the Dayton Community Center, 170 Pike St. The Yucca Mountain storage facility has been opposed by the Nevada State Legislature and congressional delegation as a future repository for high level nuclear waste. There is also concern about high-level waste being transported from Idaho Falls, Idaho, to California.

Also scheduled as part of the discussion is a recommendation from the Public Lands Commission proposing the Lyon County Commissioners adopt a resolution requiring those requesting a land exchange be obligated to seek approval from the Nevada State Legislature and from each county involved in the plan. The BLM has been involved in a number of land exchanges throughout the state, but according to Public Land Commission member Nancy Henker, "They do not solicit them, they are approached by interested parties." Henker said the state must give the federal government the rights to acquire or change land.

"So, I suggest the proponents of a land exchange, whether they are a private party, non-profit group, etc., be required to appear before county officials as would any other taxpayer, to explain their intentions and answer questions pertaining to water rights, easements and potential impacts," she said. Information: call 629-0516.