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No. 99-26                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                   (Friday, February 12, 1999)


Two NRC attorneys have been named along with Acting Chief Administrative
Judge G. Paul Bollwerk, III, of the NRC Atomic Safety and Licensing Board
Panel to conduct an independent review of the cases described in an NRC
Office of Inspector General Event Inquiry report issued December 31, 1998,
as well as a related case.

The cases concern personnel actions taken by Northeast Utilities at the Millstone
nuclear power plants in Connecticut.

Those who will work with Judge Bollwerk are:

Sara McAndrew, Attorney, NRC Office of the General Counsel, and

Carolyn F. Evans, Regional Counsel, NRC Region II.

In addition, Alan S. Rosenthal, former Chairman, General Accounting Office
Personnel Appeals Board, and former Chairman, NRC Atomic Safety and
Licensing Appeal Panel; and Gary K. Hamer, Supervisory Investigator, U.S.
Office of Special Counsel, will serve as expert advisers to the review

NRC Chairman Shirley Ann Jackson recently directed the independent review
after the Commission received the Inspector General report entitled "NRC
Staff's Handling of Harassment and Intimidation Complaints at Millstone." 
The report raised a number of questions as to how the NRC handled its
investigation into certain Northeast Utilities personnel actions and
potential enforcement action concerning them.  The Millstone review team 
is to complete its review by March 12.

A copy of the charter for the review will be posted on the NRC Internet web page
at: http://www.nrc.gov/OPA/reports/ms.htm