10 CFR Parts 2, 19, 20, 21, 30, 40, 51, 60, 61, and 63

RIN 3150-AG04

Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Wastes in a Proposed Geologic 
Repository at Yucca, Mountain, Nevada

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

ACTION: Proposed rule: Extension of comment period.


SUMMARY: On February 22, 1999 (64 FR 8640), the NRC published for a 75-
day public comment period a proposed rule establishing licensing 
criteria for disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive 
wastes in a proposed geologic repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. The 
comment period for the proposed rule was to have expired on May 10, 
1999. The NRC received several requests for extension of the public 
comment period at public meetings held on the proposed rule in Las 
Vegas, and Beatty, Nevada, on March 23 and March 25, respectively. The 
requesters cited the complex, technical nature of the proposed rule, 
and their need to review other documents being developed as part of the 
nation's high-level radioactive waste management program, as principal 
reasons for the extension request.
    The NRC has decided to extend the public comment period for an 
additional 51 days. The extended comment period will now expire on June 
30, 1999.

DATES: The public comment period has been extended and now expires June 
30, 1999. Comments received after this date will be considered if it is 
practical to do so, but the NRC is able to assure consideration only 
for comments received on or before this date.

ADDRESSES: Comments may be sent by mail to the Secretary, U.S. Nuclear 
Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001, Attention: 
Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff.
    Hand deliver comments to 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, 
between 7:30 am and 4:15 pm on Federal workdays.
    You may also provide comments via the NRC's interactive rulemaking 
web site through the NRC home page ( This site 
provides the availability to upload comments as files (any format), if 
your web browser supports that function. For information about the 
interactive rulemaking site, contact Ms. Carol Gallagher (301) 415-
5905; e-mail
    Certain documents related to this rulemaking, including comments 
received and the regulatory analysis, may be examined at the NRC Public 
Document Room, 2120 L Street NW. (Lower Level), Washington, DC. These 
same documents also may be viewed and downloaded electronically via the 
interactive rulemaking website established by NRC for this rulemaking.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Timothy McCartin, Office of Nuclear 
Material Safety and Safeguards, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 
Washington, DC 20555-0001, telephone (301) 415-6681; e-mail, or Clark Prichard, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and 
Safeguards, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-
0001, telephone (301) 415-6203; e-mail

    Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 29th day of April, 1999.

    For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Annette L. Vietti-Cook,
Secretary of the Commission.
[FR Doc. 99-11243 Filed 5-4-99; 8:45 am]