Shanti RTV News

Poisoning millions for 50 years

by Parveez Syed

London, England

16 November 1999

US officials have been knowingly poisoning their own soldiers, friends and perceived foes for more than 50 years, according to a number of uranium experts and documents shown to Shanti RTV news. The most probable impact of depleted uranium (DU) "was known to the US officials 50 years ago," one expert told Shanti RTV. The major health concerns about DU relate to its chemical properties as a heavy metal. "DU is a radioactive metal that is nearly twice as dense as lead. DU coated bombs explode, throwing particles a fine mist of DU and radioactive poison into the air that travels for miles. "It has poisoned the air, water, food and soil for billions of years. Inhaled or ingested particles are 1,000 times worse than the damage caused by X-ray. The poison damages any part of the body in which it is stored, including the lungs, lymph nodes, liver, kidneys, muscle, bone and genes. There is a disturbing rise in leukemia and stomach cancer in regions where US-UK and Israeli forces have knowingly poisoned the evironment and the millions who live and work in the contaminated region and the environment. A deadly cocktail of western 'friendly fires' over the past 50 years have killed and sickened millions in the US, UK, Iraq, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Sudan and Pakistan where ever uranium-tipped shells and other weapons of mass destructions were illegally fired or where human beings were exposed to the fatal substances," the expert told Shanti Communications news agency. "The official criminals from the top down, their fans or appologists must compensate their victims. Those who live, work or serve in the poisoned or contaminated regions should be medically tested free of any charges, and compensated, by the US-UK and Israeli officials who should be tried for war crimes against humanity," the expert maintains.

US Maj Gen Chuck Wald confirmed that US Air Force A-10 'Warthog' jets fired DU bullets in Yugoslavia in March and April 1999. The poison, which was also fired by US jets and tanks during the 1991 Gulf assault, leaving a trail of contaminated dust and debris. During that assault, the Pentagon didn't warn American and allies soldiers about the health risks linked to the DU poison - a situation the agency admitted in 1998 may have caused thousands of unnecessary exposures. A US army training video on DU poisons advises US soldiers to minimise the time they spend around blast sites, maximise their distance from the wreckage, or wear protective clothing, including gas masks, if they know they will be exposed to its radioactive dust or debris for more than a few minutes. The video warns that contaminated dust can be ingested if gloves are not worn, and the dust is not washed off before eating, drinking or using the latrine.

But over the years many Gulf assault veterans confirmed they "have not seen the video nor read the pre-1998 manuals containing vital information on the poisons. The US-UK and Israeli officials have dodged their duty for 50 years. They still ordering their soldiers to use du poisoned equipment and vehicles. The officials still downplay the health risks of combat exposure to DU poisoning, contradicting the findings of secret reports compiled over a period of more than 50 years," the DU expert told Shanti RTV news agency. "At best the most effective clean-up operation can only reduce the known, fixed and visible DU poison by 33 per cent. It is almost impossible to clean-up the rest (67 per cent) of the detected poison".

Even the soldiers who used the pre-1995 M17 and M40 respiratory protection masks reported leakage and other problems. "In 1991 the old mask did not fit well, slipping off at the chin area. Any chin movement caused the need to reposition the mask repeatedly. The chin slipped out of the mask and broke the seal with the movement of the jaw and also when looking down to read meters, look for contamination, perform decontamination," the expert told Shanti Communications. "The masks seal-leakage is still a legitimate concern. Post-1995 masks are still being tested in the field, awaiting protection validation and independent safety certs. So, US soldiers must also understand the specific limitations of field expedient methods," the expert confirmed.

"US environmental and NRC laws and regulations, ALARA, law of land warfare, and preventive medicine requirements requires careful identification, selection, and completion of environmental clean-up after incidents involving low level radioactive materials contamiantion. But in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia - where eight years after the 1991 Gulf assault contamiantion levels exceed US NRC and IRRP guidelines - the environment is still poisoned. Written, verbal, and visual eports from Iraq confirm that exposure to uranium 238 contamination is also responsible for adverse health effects that are made worse by the endless US-UK sanctions. The US has refused to help Iraq clean-up the US-DU poison; provide cures and protection to help avert any claims of compensations from millions of Arabs, allies soldiers and their families. US officials have denied requests by Iraqi physicians for medical assistance several times. The US-led and Israeli co-opted UNSCOM has removed and destroyed much of the self-incriminating evidence, and identified new targets in Iraq. Back in the US medical records have been altered, misplaced, lost, or hidden, leaving the millions of betrayed victims of friendly fire to suffer in silence without much hope. A similar, covert NATO unit is busy removing and destroying the self-incriminating evidence from the Balkans," the source told Shanti Communications news. UNICEF estimated that more than 5,000 infants die in Iraq every month as a direct result of the sanctions imposed and sustained on Iraq by US-UK officials. The "sanctions are amongst the most powerful and lethal weapons in our armoury," US secretary of state Mad Albright once said. Now they are talking about smarter sanctions linked to endless fishing expeditions to help sustain them, and justify killing more people in Iraq over the next ten years. The new UN draft resolutions proposed by the French and British would help US and Israel to play with words, redefining new standards for the alleged compliance and moving the goal posts well into the next century. They are the new improved US-UK-Israeli tools for the new century, relaunching UNSCOM-2 with a different name to control by Iraq starving 20 million people until they surrender their souls, national sovereignty and territorial integrity to Israel and the US-UK alliance". Is the price still worth it? "She (Albright) still thinks it is still worth it. After all, ten out of ten criminals and oil thiefs in London, Washington, New York, Paris, Moscow, Peking and Israel prefer their victims abroad to be totally disarmed. With this shameful chapter we in the civilised Christian west end and start another century and another millennium. This is genocide. This is mass murder. This is crime against humanity. Call it what you like. It is illegal. It is immoral. Who knows? Who cares?", the source concluded.