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  • No excessive radiation found at River Valley

    Tuesday, September 14, 1999

    A survey of two River Valley schools near Marion, Ohio, found no unusual amounts of radiation.

    An environmental engineering firm hired by the school district conducted a radiological survey of school buildings, athletic fields, parking areas and open space at the school campus east of Marion.

    "The survey revealed no extraordi nary radiological sources that would not be expected in a school environment,'' said Gerald R. Myers, vice president of Metcalf & Eddy of Ohio, in a letter to the school district.

    The survey, which was conducted last week, was designed to determine whether those at the school are being subjected to radiation.

    "The survey is not intended to answer any questions with respect to the existence of low-level soil contamination or buried radioactivity, which are not detectable by an instrument survey,'' Myers wrote.

    The survey was conducted after allegations surfaced that earlier testing for a study by the Army Corps of Engineers was flawed. A worker hired to test radiation levels last year on the school grounds said results were manipulated to make it appear nothing was out of the ordinary.

    Air, soil and water samples at the two schools -- built on the site of a former Army depot -- have been collected for more than two years after a state health study showed a higher- than-expected number of leukemia cases among River Valley graduates.

    No cause for the leukemia has been found.


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