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Local Nuclear Watchdog Groups
to Speak about Radioactive Waste
at Community Meeting in Childress, Texas

Representatives from area nuclear watchdog groups will present information on low-level radioactive waste on August 26, 1999, at two meetings being sponsored by Concerned Citizens Against Radioactive Waste in Childress County. The Childress group formed in response to a proposal by Envirocare of Texas to locate a radioactive waste facility in Childress County, Texas.

Don Moniak, Program Director of Serious Texans Against Nuclear Dumping, and Mavis Belisle, Director of the Peace Farm, will make presentations, provide information, and answer questions at the Fair Park Auditorium on North Commerce Street, Childress. Two meetings have been scheduled for the public’s convenience--at noon and again at 5:30 p.m.

The presentations will focus on basic information about radiation and radioactive waste, the Texas-Maine-Vermont Nuclear Waste Compact, State and Federal laws, regulations, and regulatory agencies; and common issues of concern about all radioactive waste facilities.

“Our goal is to provide community activists with the information they need to begin evaluating Envirocare’s proposal and determine how appropriate this is for their community,” said Mavis Belisle. “We know that less than one percent of all radioactive waste is from medical sources, and that most of this waste is from nuclear power plants. This is a not a low-risk operation.”

“This looks like the latest in a long line of nuclear industry proposals that understate hazards and liabilities but overstate economic benefits,” said Don Moniak. “Low-level waste is defined only by what it is not, and people should be aware that some low-level waste is more radioactive than high- level waste.”

“We invited experienced activists to help educate the community and to send a strong message to Envirocare that they are not welcome in Childress County, except by a few people more interested in jobs than our wonderful environment,” said Robbie Griffin of Concerned Citizens Against Radioactive Waste in Childress County.

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