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Board gets Yucca Mountain update

By Shaunta Grimes
Staff Writer


A recommendation will be made to the president of the United States in 2001 about the suitability of Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste storage site.

Max Powell of the Yucca Mountain site characterization office, told Lander County Commissioners at their meeting on April 26 that if the site is found suitable waste placement could begin in 2010

"Yucca Mountain has been the only site studied for nuclear waste storage since the Nuclear Waste Policy Act was amended in 1987," said Powell

"That is what id referred to as the 'Screw Nevada' Act," Powell said.

Commissioner Cheryl Lynger said that one of her major concerns regarding Yucca Mountain is nuclear waste being shipped by truck or rail through Lander County.

Powell said that nuclear waste has been shipped by truck and rail for 30 years and while their have been accidents there has never been a spill.

"The containers they use are pretty robust, they go through extensive testing." he said.

Powell invited commissioners to come and tour the Yucca Mountain site, which is located 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas on the western boundary of the Nevada Test Site.