The Lincoln County Record

DOE plans to release Yucca Mountain draft EIS July 30


CALIENTE, NV. - Dr. Russell Dyer, Project Manager for the Department of Energy's Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project Office, announced recently the Department intends to release the draft Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement for public review on July 30, 1999. In comments before the Nevada Commission On Nuclear Projects meeting held June 9, 1999 in Las Vegas. Dr. Dyer noted that the statement will include an 85 page summary. The main body of the document is expected to contain approximately 600 pages and related appendices another 800 pages.

The DOE is required to prepare the environmental impact statement to support its possible recommendation of the site to the President for licensing and in seeking a license to construct the repository from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The Department of Energy anticipates completing the final report by the fall of 2000 and submitting a license application to construct the repository to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2001.

The City/County Joint Impact Alleviation Committee, with assistance from the Lincoln County Nuclear Oversight Program Office and Program consultants is preparing to undertake a comprehensive review of the draft. Residents of Lincoln County are encouraged to contact the DOE at 1-800-967-3477 to be placed on the mailing list to receive a copy of the summary and/or the full document.

Currently, DOE is planning to provide interested parties with 90 days to review the draft. Lincoln County and other affected counties are requesting that the review period be extended to 180 days. Although the DOE has recently declined requests for such an extension, members of Nevada's Congressional delegation have agreed to seek a commitment from the Department for a longer public review period.

The DOE has scheduled a public hearing on the Draft in Caliente on September 7th. Details on the time and place of the hearing are not yet available. For further information contact Eve Culverwell of the Lincoln County Nuclear Oversight Program at (775) 726-3511.