The Nevada Appeal

Flagstaff in path of nuke waste bound for Nevada

Saturday, March 07, 1998
Associated Press

Flagstaff, Ariz. - A consultant hired by Nevada is defending his study on the amount of nuclear waste that could be traveling through northern Arizona.

Bob Halstead met with about 25 city residents here Thursday and told them about 90 percent of the nation's nuclear waste may move through Flagstaff on the way to a dump in Nevada.

"What I tell people is that you don't have to exaggerate this to make is seem risky," said Halstead, who was hired by Nevada to study possible routes for as much as 110,000 metric tons of radioactive waste that could be going to a site in Yucca Mountain.

The plan to begin dumping waste at Yucca Mountain still needs final approval.

Speaking to members of Flagstaff Opposed to Nuclear Waste Transport, Halstead said most of the nuclear waste traveling by truck will move along Interstate 40 through Flagstaff and about half of nuclear waste moving by rail will also go through the city because it is one of the most convenient routes.