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From the office of
Governor Kenny Guinn

DATE: August 6, 1999
CONTACT: Jack Finn
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Carson City - Responding to inquiries about a 1400-page draft report on the viability of Yucca Mountain issued today by the Department of Energy, Governor Kenny Guinn expressed skepticism about the validity and usefulness of the document. the report has already garnered substantial criticism by the four members of Nevada's Congressional Delegation.

"I've said all along that a decision about nuclear waste disposal should be based on science, not politics," said Governor Guinn. "Unfortunately, this report does nothing more than make the science fit the politics."

Guinn referred specifically to the fact that the only choice offered in the report, other than leaving the waste where it is, is Yucca Mountain. "The DOE seems determined to have Nevada take the nation's waste, and it will find what it needs to find in order to reach that goal, regardless of the impact on public safety." Guinn criticized the lack of attention given to transportation-related dangers, ongoing earthquake activity in the area, groundwater concerns, and the growing population of Clark County.

"About the only positive thing you can say about the report is that the DOE admits there is a substantial amount of uncertainty about the project," concluded Guinn. Guinn has directed the staff of Nevada's Nuclear Waste Office to scrutinize thoroughly not only the data in the report, but also the assumptions upon which the data was gathered.