News from
Governor Bob Miller
June 26, 1998
CONTACT; Gordon Absher
(702) 687-5670 Carson City

Statement of Governor Bob Miller
on continued funding for the
Nevada Nuclear Projects Office

"The Interim Finance Committee did the right thing today by making a solid down payment on Nevada's continued oversight of the Yucca Mountain Project. The vote to keep the Nevada Nuclear Projects Office in business is a demonstration of the bipartisan committment of the legislature to maintain our vigorous oversight of the DOE's plans to ship the nation's nuclear waste to Nevada."

"Rightfully, the funding of Nevada's Yucca Mountain oversight is a federal responsibility. By providing state funding for the coming three months, we are able to maintain our oversight commitments, protecting the citizens of Nevada, while we continue our debate with Department of Energy over the fulfillment of its financial responsibility."

"I am especially pleased at the bipartisan, bicameral support for this effort by Nevadans from Carson City to Washington D.C. The support of Nevada's Congressional Delegation was especially welcome on this matter and I would like to extend my appreciation to Senator Harry Reid, Senator Richard Bryan, Congressman John Ensign and Congressman Jim Gibbons for their bipartisan support on this issue."