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AmeriScan: September 22, 1999


The state of Nevada’s Agency for Nuclear Projects (ANP) is sponsoring a series of public workshops to encourage public participation and comment on the DOE’s draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal site. ANP executive director Bob Loux says the DOE's public hearing format can be confusing. "DOE has decided to weigh down its hearings with lengthy presentations and off the record question and answer sessions prior to taking any public testimony on the EIS," said Loux. "We are concerned that people not be mislead about what comments are being made part of the official record. We're also concerned that people not be discouraged from making their comments by actions of DOE personnel during the Q and A sessions." DOE will conduct public hearings on the draft EIS over the next four months in 10 Nevada communities. The state sponsored workshops will be held no more than one week prior to each DOE hearing in each of the 10 communities. The DOE is required to address the public's comments in the final Environmental Impact Statement. "We hope these pre-hearing workshops will prove useful, informative, and accessible for anyone planning on participating in the DOE EIS public hearings," said Loux. For information on the State workshops, contact the Agency for Nuclear Projects at 775/687-3744 or toll free within Nevada at 800/366-0990.

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