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AmeriScan: June 10, 1999



Salem Unit 1 (Photo courtesy Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
The environmental effects of the two Salem nuclear plants in New Jersey were discussed at a Peopleís Hearing held today by the Stop the Salem Fish Slaughter Campaign, a coalition of conservation and citizens groups. Four speakers addressed the plantís impacts on the Delaware Estuary. Maya von Rossum, Delaware Riverkeeper from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, spoke on issues concerning the Clean Water Act and the upcoming New Jersey Department of Environmental Protectionís (DEP) permit renewal process. Tony Totah, marine biologist for Clean Ocean Action, described massive fishkills resulting from reactor operations. Jane Nogaki, toxics coordinator for the New Jersey Environmental Federation, the largest environmental group in New Jersey, discussed the toxic threats of herbicide use by reactor owners Public Service Electric & Gas. Joe Mangano, associate director of the Radiation Public Health Project, spoke about the threats radiation poses to citizens living near the Salem Nukes. Hearing organizers will make an official record of the "Peopleís Hearing" to present to the DEP, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and New Jersey lawmakers. New Jersey has four nuclear plants, the Salem Units 1 & 2, Hope Creek and Oyster Creek.

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