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AmeriScan: June 3, 1999


The Department of Energy (DOE) has issued its first-ever Compliance Order to Fluor Daniel Hanford Inc., the managing contractor of the DOE’s Hanford nuclear site in southeastern Washington state. The agency plans to fine the company $330,000 for violations of nuclear safety requirements, the largest penalty in the history of the Price-Anderson Enforcement Program. The order lays out specific milestones to ensure prompt and effective corrective actions for the violations at the Hanford Spent Nuclear Fuel Project. This project is stabilizing and moving 2,300 tons of spent nuclear fuel to new, more secure storage facilities. DOE investigators found that contractors at the new facilities repeatedly failed to follow their own safety procedures. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson says if the company fails to obey the compliance order, additional civil penalties at up to $110,000 per day for each violation may be assessed until the company meets the goals of the order.

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