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AmeriScan: June 1, 1999


Kenny Brack, driver of the #14 Power Team car owned by A.J. Foyt

At the 83rd Indianapolis 500 Race on Sunday, Kenny Brack, driver of the #14 Power Team car owned by A.J. Foyt, won the race, taking the lead on the last lap. Sunday was a successful day for Power Team at the Indy as two Power Team cars finished in the top six. In addition to winning the most watched sporting event in the world, A.J. Foyt's teams also finished 3rd with driver Billy Boat, and 6th with driver Robbie Buhl. All three teams benefited from the PECO Power Team sponsorship. Power Team is the marketing arm of PECO Energy, Inc., which owns and operates several U.S. nuclear power plants including Peach Bottom Units 2 and 3 situated along the Susquehanna River in York County, Pennsylvania. PECO aims to win at the nuclear power game too by operating safely and expanding its reactor holdings. A May 10 performance assessment by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recognized Peach Bottom's engineering group for safty and improved methods of investigation used during the troubleshooting of problems. The overall performance at Peach Bottom remained "acceptable." PECO has formed a joint venture with British Energy, named Amergen, which is in the process of purchasing Three Mile Island Unit 1. The purchase has been approved by the NRC. PECO has also reached agreement to purchase Clinton nuclear generating station in Illinois. PECO's Power Team is online at: http://www.pwrteam.com/

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