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AmeriScan: April 27, 1999


A package containing radioactive Iridium-192 bound from Massachusetts to Mexico was located in England Monday after a frantic five-day world-wide search. On April 16, AEA Technology QSA, Inc., in Burlington, Massachusetts, shipped a device loaded with eight Iridium-192 sources (totaling 866 curies) via Federal Express to Vicont S.A. De C.V. located in Toluca, Mexico. When it had not arrived five days later, the search began. On Monday, Fedex confirmed that the serial number on a package found at the Stansted Airport, located outside of London, England, matched the serial number for the missing package. The package was reported to be intact and undisturbed. The shipper requested that the package be forwarded to its intended destination. Accordingly, the package will be shipped from Stansted Airport to Toluca, Mexico, via Memphis, Tennessee. Federal Express informed the Massachusetts Department of Public Health RCP that the package was expected to arrive in Memphis today.

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