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AmeriScan: April 19, 1999


To dramatize the dangers of transport and storage of nuclear wastes, The Caravan of Conscience, a mock nuclear waste shipment caravan, is traveling down the east coast, from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts to Barnwell, South Carolina where radioactive wastes are stored. The Caravan's route is taking it near the planned Intracoastal Waterway where nuclear waste filled barges from New England reactors slated for burial at Barnwell will travel. The activists particularly object to the planned transport of the Connecticut Yankee’s reactor vessel containing highly irradiated internal components. With the vessel filled with concrete, it will weigh over 822 tons, too heavy for rail. The chances of an accident along the way to Barnwell are of major concern to the Caravan. The Caravan of Conscience aims to support grassroots activists in local efforts to watchdog and shut down sources of nuclear pollution, such as the Salem Nuclear Plants on Artificial Island. The Caravan of Conscience was organized by the New England based Citizens Awareness Network in Shelburne Falls. It will arrive at the Salem nuclear plant 18 miles South of Wilmington, Delaware April 24. There a rally is planned sponsored by UNPLUG Salem Campaign, a coalition of 56 local, state and regional organizations who aim to shut down the two Salem Nuclear plants.

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