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AmeriScan: March 2, 1999


Fish Unlimited, the international fisheries conservation group, announced today that another seal has been killed by the water intakes at the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station operated by North Atlantic Energy Services Corporation 13 miles south of Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the Atlantic Ocean. This brings the total to 55 seals killed since 1993. "This latest murder of a juvenile seal by the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station is another indication of why this plant must be closed, and converted to make it safer to marine life," said Bill Smith, executive director of the group. "Fifty-five seals in five years is 55 too many, and why isn't Seabrook being fined as anyone else who "accidentally" killed a seal would be." The Marine Mammal Protection Act calls for a fine of up to $25,000.00 for each seal killed, but Seabrook has yet to be fined. Seabrook has applied for a permit to legally kill 34 seals annually in order to operate the nuclear power plant. "Fish Unlimited is demanding the closure of the Seabrook plant until it can be operated in an environmentally safe manner," Smith continued.

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