Ely Daily Times

Yucca dump EIS to be ready July 30

July 7, 1999

By Brad Pierce
Daily Times Reporter

The U.S. Department of Energy id expected to release the Draft Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement for public review July 30.

"It should analyze the different resources and how they will be affected if nuclear waste goes through Nevada," White Pine County Nuclear Waste Program director Debra Kolkman said.

The statement, which consists of approximately 1,500 pages, is required in order to support the potential recommendation of the site as a nuclear repository.

If the president and congress approve a recommendation, the secretary of energy will submit an application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for authorization to begin construction.

Kolkman said that the statement will "minimally touch on the different routes," including White Pine County, and "how they will be affected it transported through."

Her office, which will begin a comprehensive review of the statement, has been declined, along with other affected areas, a request that the 90 day review period be extended to 180 days.

But, upon the statement's release, it will available to download from the Yucca Mountain Project website, www.ymp.gov. Kolkman's office and the White Pine County Public Library will also have copies for public review.

The final statement is expected to be completed by the fall of 2000.