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Richard Bryan
U.S. Senator  •  Nevada
DATE:   January 14, 1999
CONTACT:  Dave Lemmon

Bryan Blasts DOE Official

Acting Chief of the DOE's Nuclear Waste Storage Program misstated the Clinton Administration's official position on nuclear waste in Nevada

WASHINGTON -- United States Senator Richard Bryan (D-NV) issued a statement this afternoon blasting Mr. Lake Barrett, the acting chief of the Energy Department's Civilian Nuclear Waste Storage Program, for completely misstating the Clinton Administration's official position of opposing federal legislation that would ship nuclear waste to the state of Nevada for temporary storage. Senator Bryan's statement follows:


"I am once again dismayed at the continued efforts of some within the DOE to mischaracterize the Administration's position on nuclear waste and temporary storage. It has long been clear that there is an element of staff within the DOE who will do anything possible to benefit the nuclear waste industry with little or no regard to conducting an effort based on concerns for the health and safety of the people of Nevada or anywhere else in the country. It seems we continue to go through this process at the start of each new Congress simply because there are some in the nuclear energy energy industry, as well as some within the DOE, who are in denial regarding the President's and Vice President's strong opposition to creating a temporary nuclear waste storage facility at Nevada Test Site."

"Mr. Lake Barrett deliberately continued that effort yesterday when he misrepresented the Administration's official policy to the Las Vegas Review-Journal by indicating false doubts about President Clinton's veto commitment. The Department of Energy and the White House have assured my office that President Clinton's veto policy is unchanged."