Pull the plug on nuke power plan

Friday, November 06, 1998

I have been informed that Thailand is considering the use of nuclear power. Surely everyone can see through this concept.

While most of Europe, and in fact the world, is debating how to dispose of their nuclear energy waste, and their nuclear power stations, Thailand is considering adopting this energy source.

The Thai people are not stupid enough to go for this. It is blatantly obvious that someone is being offered a very large incentive to promote this stupidity. I believe that the former prime minister who believes that nuclear power is environmentally beneficial is ill-informed, which is no reason to try to further destroy this country.

Because the old market place for nuclear power is closing down in the West, the hawkers of this genocidal invention are now trying to make profit out of Thailand and the East.

Please encourage everyone to say "no" to a power station which will create more problems than it will solve. Thailand is currently unable to control normal industrial waste - how can it ever manage to deal with radioactive waste?

David West
Chiang Mai