Listing of Briefs in Constitutional Challenge

Case No. 03-1009

State of Nevada, et al. v. United States of America

Document Description
File Info
5/01/03 Opening Brief: Nevada's Constitutional Challenge to the Yucca Mountain Siting Resolution pdf-596K
6/03/03 Federal Government's Brief in Response to the State of Nevada's Petition Challenging the Constitutionality of the Yucca Mountain Program pdf-111K
6/26/03 Final Brief in the State of Nevada's Case Challenging the Constitutionality of the Joint Resolution Designating Yucca Mountain as a Nuclear Waste Repository Site pdf-432K
7/03/03 Respondents' Final Brief pdf-2.94M
7/03/03 Final Brief of Amicus Curiae Nuclear Energy Institute, Inc. in Support of Respondents pdf-1.05M
7/03/03 Petitioners' Final Opening Brief pdf-591K
7/03/03 Petitioners' Final Reply Brief pdf-505K

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