Listing of Briefs in NRC Lawsuit

Case Nos. 02-1116 and 03-1058

State of Nevada, et al. v. US Nuclear Regulatory Agency

Document Description
File Info
1/27/03 Petition For Review from Final Decisions and Actions of United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission pdf-615K
4/09/03 NRC's Response Brief pdf-218K
5/09/03 State of Nevada Reply Brief in the Lawsuit Challenging NRC's Yucca Mountain Licensing Regulations pdf-524K
6/06/03 Final Brief for the Federal Respondents pdf-2.5M
6/06/03 Final Brief of Intervenor / Amicus Nuclear Energy Institute, Inc. pdf-1.66M
6/06/03 Petitioners' Final Opening Brief pdf-634K
6/06/03 Petitioners' Final Reply Brief pdf-519K
6/06/03 Petitioner State of Nevada's FINAL Supplemental Brief pdf-417K

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