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Potential Greater-Than-Class-C (GTCC) Radioactive Waste Interim Storage Project at the Nevada Test Site (NTS)

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READER'S NOTE:This page contains the State of Nevada's comments on a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) proposed pilot project for storing up to 56 cubic feet of GTCC waste generated from decommissioning of the commercial Yankee Rowe nuclear reactor located in the State of Massachusetts. DOE is proposing to use the Nevada Test Site for the storage of this material.


  1. Activated metals in fuel canisters located at Yankee Row in an on-site storage pool.
  2. As required by CFR Part 1508.18(b)(3), 1502.20, and DOE 10 CFR 1021.330(a).
  3. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act P.L. 99-240 and the Atomic Energy Act, 42,U.S.C.2011, P.L. No. 83-703
  4. As defined in the Notice, the term Special Case Waste "denotes DOE waste having characteristics similar to those of GTCC waste that generally lack firm disposal plans". The State understands that the volume of SCW alone could exceed 2.6 million cubic feet. U.S.Department of Energy, August 1995. See: Draft Waste Management PEIS, (DOE/EIS-0200- D), pages 1-16.
  5. State Comment Letter, NWPO, April 28, 1995. RE: Notice of Inquiry, Strategy for Management and Disposal of Greater-Than-Class-C Low-Level Radioactive Waste (Federal Register Notice Vol. 60. No. 48/Monday, March 13, 1995). The State's letter was sent to Mr. Terry Plumer, DOE Office of Environmental Management.
  6. DOE's final the Final NTS EIS clearly states that DOE will provide disposal capability to approved off-site waste generators for waste streams determined "inappropriate for shallow land burial. See Final EIS, Volume 1, Section, page 3-12.
  7. See Federal Register Notice published on Monday, March 13, 1995, page 13425 (Relationship to the Department's Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement)
  8. As per 42 USC 4231 et seq; 40 CFR 1500-1508; and CFR 10210.
  9. U.S. Department of Energy, May 30, 1995. Record of Decision Department of Energy Programmatic Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Programs (section Greater-Than- Class C Low-Level Waste), page 18.
  10. See U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho Engineering Laboratory, Waste Management Program Strategic Plan, Section 6.

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