Updated Tentative Locations and
Dates for Draft EIS Public Hearings
Date City Facility
27 Sep 99 Monday Arnargosa Valley, NV Amargosa Valley Community Center
30 Sep 99 Thursday Pahrump, NV Bob Ruud Community Center
5 Oct 99 Tuesday Goldfield, NV Goldfield Community Center
14 Oct 99 Thursday Boise, ID Boise Centre on the Grove
19 Oct 99 Tuesday Ely, NV Bristlecone Convention Center
21 Oct 99 Thursday Atlanta, GA Georgia International Convention Center
26 Oct 99 Tuesday Washington, D.C. Hall of the States
4 Nov 99 Thursday Lone Pine, CA Statham Hall
9 Nov 99 Tuesday Caliente, NV Caliente Youth Center
16 Nov 99 Tuesday Denver, CO Denver Convention Complex
1 Dec 99 Wednesday Reno, NV Lawlor Events Center
7 Dec 99 Tuesday Austin, NV Austin Town Hall
9 Dec 99 Thursday Crescent Valley, NV Crescent Valley Town Hall
11 Jan 00 Tuesday Las Vegas, NV Grant Sawyer State Building
13 Jan 00 Thursday Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City Hilton
19 Jan 00 Wednesday St. Louis, MO Currently Investigating Facilities
08/16/99 2:44 PM
Updated based on 180 Day Comment Period