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Welcome to the Nevada State Board of Sheep Commissioners' Home Page on the Internet. Established in 1907 in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes 562, this agency provides information regarding the raising of sheep and is responsible for the promotion of the sheep industry and the collection of sheep taxes.

Overview of the Nevada State Board of Sheep Commissioners

Supported entirely by an industry specific Sheep Inspection Tax, without any support from the State General Fund, the Nevada State Board of Sheep Commissioners has overseen the well being of Nevada's sheep industry for 91 years. During that time, the state's sheep population peaked at 3 million head in the 1920s and currently numbers about 65,000 head. Throughout it all, the Commission has carried on a statewide program to prevent, suppress, and control communicable and non communicable diseases of sheep.

Ongoing Commission objectives have been:

Over the past three biennia, ram epididymitis, a disease causing high infertility and therefore low production rates, has been reduced from, in some cases, 80 percent to less than 1 percent in flocks statewide through these kinds of cooperative efforts.

At present, some of the diseases affecting productivity that are under long-term, ongoing studies are Scrapie and Blue tongue.

Additionally, the Sheep Commission provides support for programs encouraging, promoting, advancing and attempting to protect the distinct interests, health, well being and advancement of Nevada's sheep industry through sponsorship of youth activities, scientific and marketing research, commodity promotion development, teacher and educational course support, and other programs carried on through associations formed for such purposes outside state government.

Significant changes in the Sheep Commission over the past three biennia have included a personnel change in the Executive Secretary; relocation of the office from Ely to Elko, Nevada; and legislated change in accounting procedures form A Special Reserve Fund status to A Special Account in the General Fund. Additionally, after 86 years of autonomous operation, the Commission was legislatively assigned to operate under the supervision of the Department of Business & Industry through the state government reorganization plan under Governor Bob Miller.

As the Sheep Commission is concerned primarily with support of sheep disease control programs, and industry research, education, marketing and promotion, significant publications, if any, are usually produced by allied industry entities outside state government on both state and national levels.

In addition, the Sheep Commission levies the Predatory Animal Control Tax, which funds activities of the Nevada Wool growers Predatory Animal Control Committee , which supports USDA/Wildlife Services programs to the benefit of the sheep industry, wildlife and environment. By providing funds for the USDA/Wildlife Services, tax dollars are made more available for bird, rodent, and pest control; skunk abatement; capture and relocation of wildlife; plant disease and pest control, etc. Also, the Sheep Commission coordinates information exchanges and works closely with USDA/Wildlife Services personnel.


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